Simply Me

First, let me tell you how excited I am to finally be posting this! I’ve been thinking about and working on my page for some time now and I’m anxious to see where this journey takes me! I know that most of this is in my About Me section but I wanted to share more detail for my first post so that everyone can get to know me. So here goes nothin...

I am 27, married to an amazing man, with two dogs and a sweet baby girl named Lilly. I’m basically your typical American. I went to college, got a degree, got a job having nothing to do with my degree (I mean why would you do that), and I recently became a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to start this blog to tell you about my life, to share all the crazy adventures of being a new mommy. How some days I want a glass of wine at 11 am because I’ve been up for 6 hours already and if I spill one more thing or baby girl pees on herself after I JUST took her diaper off I might just start crying in the middle of the hallway. Is that just me? I sure hope not because then maybe I am doing this whole motherhood thing wrong... No, Annie, that’s just being a mom.

Although I have days of wondering if I am good at this in any way, shape, or form, being a mom to my girl is, simply put, the best job I could ask for. My world is covered in pink toys, fluffy blankets, poopy onesies and big bows. I do more laundry than I ever imagined (P.S. folding onesies, you wouldn’t think it’s that hard, but holy moly it’s time consuming), and I never realized I could run off of so little sleep. But no matter what, every morning I get excited to see her face, I know that every day is going to be different and I love trying not to miss a second of it.

But let’s back up this train and give you the basic rundown of me. Annie in a nutshell: I can’t function without coffee, I love wine and a good margarita, I hate UGG boots. I think there is nothing in the world better than laughing, and I have the most amazing group of friends in the world, they are my tribe and without them I’m not me. Yoga is my safe place and my home away from home, I hate cardio, I love baking (sugar is my downfall), I simply do not diet. I love Harry Potter, but Twilight not so much. I cry at the silliest things, mornings are my enemy, I hate mouth sounds (you know… being able to hear someone chewing or smacking). I have more shoes than I can count. I love fashion, but would gladly wear yoga pants every day. Kate Spade is an addiction, so is Pinterest. I love taking photos, and I do my own flower arranging. I am a wimp with spicy food. I love trashy TV shows and One Tree Hill is my all time favorite. I love exclamation points!!! Not to mention LOL’s. I hate shortening words (u know what I mean). But mostly I love making people happy.

Owning a flower shop is my dream. Like, my ultimate life goal. I want to have a shop oozing with stand-alone flower bins so people can create their own arrangements. Like the flower markets you imagine in Paris or Amsterdam.


A place that smells of lilies and roses all the time. I want a space filled with color and life. I want to be so incredibly busy on Valentines Day that I need wine and chocolates in the back just  for me to keep going… that’s how most people survive right? So yeah, owning a flower shop is my dream, just need to figure out how to make it happen.

My blog isn’t about how to be an amazing DIY-er or a cook who can take three things from their fridge and make a gourmet meal (but I follow these people like it’s my job!!). It’s not about being a skinny mom or a tiger mom. It’s just about me, and how I’m a new parent who wants to share my stories and my journey with all of you. Because, let’s face it, we have no earthly idea what we’re doing! You literally get thrown into parenthood, and there is definitely no manual. When we were discharged from the hospital, I was amazed that they were just letting me take this little thing home with me. I mean what if I break her? How can I possibly do this right?! To this day I’m afraid everyday that I’m doing it wrong. That my little one isn’t getting enough tummy time or that she isn’t breathing how a pin on Pinterest said she should be. I constantly am asking my best friends, who all had babies right before me (convenient), what they did or are doing.

But in the past 5 months there is one thing that I’ve learned above all else. I don’t and probably never will go “by the book” on how to parent, and as much as I think by the book is how it should be... it’s okay that I’m not, and it’s okay that others aren’t too. I’m simply me, my imperfectly-perfect self trying to do it all well. As one of my dear friends says “it’s about survival”.

So maybe I’ll hit home with other moms, or even dads for that matter! Maybe I’ll find a product I like that I can tell you all about, maybe I will find the holy grail on how to get my baby to sleep through the night! Okay, probably not, but still! I could become something you read while having your coffee just to tell yourself “I have it together more than this chick does”. No matter what it is, I want to share it with you. I want us all to feel not so alone in this big scary world of raising a child and being your own person too - going after our dreams and making it through this wonderful ride called life.