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Happy Saturday friends! I’m back with another Small Shop Saturday for you. I love doing these posts and sharing with you these great local companies I find through this little blogging adventure. As an entrepreneur myself I know how incredibly hard it is to build a business, and to go out on your own is a scary thing. So when I get to support people like Jenny from i{heart}skin it adds an extra level of happiness to these posts.

As I mentioned today I’m going to tell you all about i{heart}skin Denver, which was founded by Jenny Leazer. She opened up her boutique facial spa after working in the industry for several years, only to realize she wanted to go out on her own. She created a space where she wants to help people learn to love their skin, without breaking the bank, all while delivering high quality facials and skin treatments. I’ve seen Jenny twice now and can say that hands down she is my favorite esthetician and I’m not just saying that because I have to. Jenny specializes in her Boutique Custom Facials, using products that are gentle on the skin and not overdoing it on the skin.


Most recently I went in for a Boutique Custom facial, which means as I walked in the door Jenny asked me “what does your skin need today” and made a customized facial just for me. So if you were to walk in tomorrow and ask for a Boutique Custom Facial, yours would be different than mine. She tailors each one to fit your needs, and she uses different products to fit different skin types. The day I went in I was feeling a little dry and having a bit of a break out on my chin, here is what Jenny whipped up for my facial:

-Double cleanse with Green Tea and Citrus Cleanser

-Extractions with steam


-Facial Massage

-Anti-Aging White Chocolate Mask

-Finishing product and SPF


It was all heavenly. During the cleansing I got a little face massage which almost put me to sleep, followed by the steam to bring all the gunk up, which I love. Then the extraction part, I swear I don’t know how Jenny does it but she gets some nasty stuff out of my skin without making my eyes water like other places.

Side note, I had the biggest blackhead of my life on my nose and no matter what I did I could not get it out… guess who did? Jenny!

Anywho back to the facial. Next was the microderm, which I love because it helps with some old scarring I have from acne and also to get rid of the old layer of skin on my face, which helps with the dry Denver climate. Now for the real face massage, which I actually did drift off during… we should all get face massages once a week in my opinion. The final application was the white chocolate mask which was invigorating, it has antioxidants in it which gives you a little bit of a tingle and leaves your skin feeling so hydrated. Then to top it all off some sunscreen to protect my newly refreshed skin from the brutal Denver sun.

Since my facial with Jenny, my skin has transformed. It is brighter, looks cleaner, and is so much more hydrated than it has felt all summer. The picture below is with zero makeup on, and the day after the facial. My skin is literally glowing! Jenny truly is a magician, and when you’re with her it is comfortable and calm. Every time I’ve gone to see Jenny I’ve felt welcome, and attended to. Not like I was just the next customer in line being rushed out the door. Jenny wants to make your skin feel wonderful, she wants you to be happy and self confident, and she truly cares about your skin. So the next time you’re in need of a facial I highly encourage you to go to i{heart}skin and see Jenny, I promise you won’t regret it.

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