Small Shop Saturday - Unbroken Circle

Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve decided to start a fun, new tradition here on the blog. Small Shop Saturdays will be my time to share with you some of my favorite small shops! I know I share them with you on my Instagram account as well, but in this format I can write more about them as well as share more photos, and specific info about the shops!


To start it off I have Unbroken Circle which, I was super excited to find out, is a Colorado store! I feel like I don’t find these often enough. UBC, as they affectionately call themselves, is a company from Boulder, Colorado where deborah has been creating reversible clothing for women and children for 35 years! She designs each and every item and does so with care. The fabrics she uses are simply gorgeous and so bright and fun. The shop offers dresses, shirts, skirts, and accessories too. We were luck enough to get a reversible skirt for Lilly and it is simply precious. The skirt is beautifully made and very soft and durable, which can be so important with a one year old! Lilly loved the bright colors and patterns on the skirt, and it fit her perfectly. I can tell that this will be a staple with tights and sweaters this fall, and next summer we will definitely be ordering another one for her!

Help support this small shop and give her a follow on instagram, you can find her at @ubcircle