How To Clean Your Wood Blinds

I think it’s safe to say I’m a clean person. Am I the cleanest? No. When you walk in to my house it is likely that I knew you were coming over and did a mad dash around the house to get all the things picked up, a quick sweep, and threw the dishes in the dishwasher if it was empty. So maybe my house looks clean, but if you took a microscope to it, you’d find a lot of flaws. Since we’ve moved in (which was 2 years ago) I have not: washed the baseboards, the walls, the shutters, nor the blinds, fixed nicks in the paint, filled some holes in the walls, or really scrubbed the grout in the tile floors. And that’s just to name a few things I haven’t done. So while some people may walk into my house and think it’s clean, I see things that need to be cleaned on the regular.

Which leads me to this post today. The kitchen is easily the most lived in place in our home. We have breakfast in the kitchen, we congregate for snacks and juice in there, we do our art, we have chats. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. So I see what the kitchen needs more often than the rest of the house, and there was one glaring problem for me. My blinds.

I don’t care who you are, no one regularly cleans their blinds. If you say you do and you’re not Monica Geller then I don’t believe you. Blinds are simply a pain in the butt to clean and especially when they accumulate the kitchen gunk that always builds up. The fly away grease, and cooking remnants. Mixed with the dust and every day use… yuck. I started noticing mine needed a cleaning a while ago but put it off, then I finally lost it. After talking to my step-mom about it, and after hearing her success story I took the plunge and took the dang things down and began the process.

It was a rather tedious process for me, and took some time. But it felt SO good to get it done, so here we go… I’m a little embarrassed to share what I’m about to show you with all of you, so please promise not to judge me too harshly.

Five on Friday.png

First I had to figure out how the heck to get them down. After watching a couple YouTube videos and figuring out that the front cover just popped off I was in good shape. For this you’ll just need a flat head screwdriver. It worked best for me to pull the blinds all the way up, then relieve a little weight from the bracket by holding up the entire blind set with my shoulder as I popped open the bracket.


After I successfully took the blinds out I took them upstairs to my bathroom. It was the biggest area that I could lay them flat and easily wash them. If it is summertime and you do this, go outside and use a hose.

Once upstairs I first tried to soak them, but my blinds are over 5’ long so there was no way I was going to fit them. If you have shorter ones I suggest filling the bathtub with hot water, adding about a cup of the following cleaner and soaking those bad boys. It’ll save you elbow grease.


For the rest of us, lay the blinds flat on the floor.


Make sure they’re fully open (so they are hanging down like the would on a window) that way you can get to each blade easily. Once laid flat, get all the blades flat on the floor and spray them with this:


My stepmom gave me this stuff and it really works, but I ran out so I also used Orange Glow. If you have neither but have another degreaser try that one.

Then start spraying. If you’re inside OPEN A WINDOW! This stuff is very chemically and you definitely need air flow.

Once sprayed, take a wet rag and start scrubbing. Some of mine were easier than others and the side that sits closer to the stove definitely needed some more elbow grease. Make sure you keep rinsing your rag as you go otherwise you’ll just spread more gunk around. (This is what takes some time)


Make sure you do both sides of each blade as well, that way they’re fully clean.


Once you’re done and have everything you want cleaned take your blinds either into the shower or the tub and rinse them with warm CLEAN water. This will get all of the residue and leftover cleaner off of them.

After a really good rinse I laid a towel down on the floor and propped the blinds up vertically against the wall so all the water could drip off.

After a couple hours I was able to hang them back up and voila! Totally clean blinds that won’t drive me crazy any more! 


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