Spring Fever and Things I'm Loving Right Now

Spring has definitely arrived in Colorado, the days have been 60 degrees and above since we got back from Italy (yes that post is coming soon) and there are buds coming up everywhere I look. I know we are probably due for a nice big snow storm soon, but for now I’m going to soak it up. I haven’t written in a while, guess the ideas just haven’t been flowing but I have a few things that I’ve found recently that I am really loving and wanted to share with you all:

-I recently received this candle from a company called Bright Endeavours, and though it smells amazing, it’s the story behind who makes the candles that makes me love it more. Each of these candles is made by a mom who as part of their paid job training works with the candle company to start a successful journey in the job market. Each candle is signed by the woman who made it, making is personal and real. So maybe instead of buying your candle from Target tomorrow, buy one from one of the moms from Bright Endeavours


-I know that I have done many a post on making my own skin care products, and I still do that for the most part. But for a while my skin has been on the struggle bus with the changes of season and weather, I’m talking flaking off (like I had a bad sunburn), breaking out, blotchy… it wasn’t pretty. My daily oil serum just wasn’t doing the trick, and I quite honestly was feeling lazy. So while I was on a weekly pilgrimage to Target I went down the natural skin care aisle and found the SheaMoisture products… I fell in love, people! I grabbed the “African Black Soap Problem Skin” moisturizer and it has completely altered my life... in the best way possible. So if you’re not a DIYer I highly recommend this stuff.



-This is a very random one, but tulips. They’re everywhere right now and every time I go to the flower market I just have to grab some, or lots of them. I also brought home this glass vase from Murano, Italy and I love the way they look in it!


-Speaking of flowers, I’m really just loving my life right now and every day I wake up feeling so lucky and so excited for all the new adventures that are happening. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m referring to my new flower business I’ve started (finally) Simply Petals Flowers which has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remind myself that it IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Some days it’s overwhelming with Lilly and orders coming in, the blog, and life but even on those days it is all so worth it and so exciting that the stress just disappears (after a bit). 


That's all I have for today, nothing ground breaking or super exciting. But hey! At least I'm writing again. Enjoy your Wednesday, halfway to the weekend!

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