Small Shop Saturday - Glamour Bar Denver

Part of my new blogging life is going to be sharing with you local small shops that I love. Why? Because I love supporting small businesses, because I love sharing things with you all, and because it’s something I’m passionate about. I’ve done small shop Saturday’s in the past, but I really want to make this a routine now and to kick it off I have a wonderful local salon. 

Glamour Bar Denver

955 Lincoln St Unit E

Denver, CO 80203

(303) 444-2100

When we moved back to Denver after living in Fort Collins for 5 years I lost my hair stylist. First world problems, I know. But for me it’s incredibly hard to find someone who I trust and who can work with my hair. You see I have A LOT of hair, like a ton, and it has a complete mind of its own. I had tried a couple stylists in Denver before and they butchered my hair, leaving me disappointed and feeling like I threw $200 down the drain… it was a huge bummer for me. Not only was that frustrating, but when you rarely take time for yourself and when you want to feel pretty with a new haircut and that falls through it kind of crushes your soul. I’m a firm believer in taking time for yourself, to feel confident, and comfortable in your own skin. But I was struggling to find just that.

I kept asking people for suggestions and then my friend Tabitha from Tabitha Lane got her hair done and I had to try her person, which lead me to Glamour Bar Denver. Upon emailing them, their owner Lyndsey e-mailed me back, and oh my god she’s amazing. She got me set up with an appointment right away and it was easy as pie. When I got to the salon I was immediately welcomed by Lyndsey herself who, by the way, is drop dead gorgeous and makes me want to be a better person. She checked me in, and offered me wine… she was speaking my language. Her salon is clean, inspiring, and fun. With fun shopping to do while you wait, including clothes, jewelry, and hair accessories.

I was scheduled with Brandon, who has been doing hair for 15 years and is a super sweet guy. Once I sat down in the chair he immediately looked me over and said “god, what did they do” and went to work. He is one of those stylists that I felt like really understood hair, and more importantly my hair. I got a wash, and condition (which let's face it is the best part) and a good, detailed cut that cleaned up all the previous damage, and I was out the door in an hour. Perfect for a busy schedule. He didn’t upsell me on any products, he simply explained what he was using. And what was important to me was that he didn’t fill my hair with so much product that I was left greasy and weighed down. But speaking of products, they use ULine which I had never experienced before, and am now lusting after! If you haven’t tried it you should, and right now Glamour Bar is having an amazing beach bag promo, your choice of shampoo and conditioner, 7 seconds, and beach day products! All for only $90!! I haven’t gotten there to pick mine up yet, but you better believe I will be soon!

In short, I may have only gotten one haircut there but I am definitely going back, and am looking forward to my next appointment. Did I mention that they also have a ton of other services? Including nails, lashes and brows, spray tanning, microblading, and waxing. It’s seriously your one-stop shop when it comes to your self-care and love, and you’ll feel so welcome and comfortable. So head on in, get pampered, and have a glass of wine while you do it. Because you deserve it!

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