How I Take Care Of Me


Does anyone else ever get to the end of the week and feel completely worn down? Between running around after the toddler, cleaning the house, running the businesses, taking care of the dogs, taking care of everything, I definitely have days where I feel completely exhausted and like I am the last thing that matters. It is easy to let yourself think that but when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, I (and other mothers) are the backbone, we are the engine that keeps the train moving! We are are far from the last thing that matters, and as easy as it is to put ourselves last, we absolutely should not.

I have always believed this, and even though I’m not the best about putting myself first, I definitely try and make little moments in the day about me. Even if it is only 5 minutes a day or an hour a day, taking time to be you or to take care of yourself is the most important thing. If we as mothers and wives don’t take care of ourselves, how well can we take care of those around us?

I bet by now you’re rolling your eyes at me, or wondering how I find the time. Like I said it doesn’t happen every single day, but here are a few things I do that help me feel like my whole me, like I am as important as everyone around me.

-I shower every day. Yes I know, crazy right? A lot of moms will say that they barely have time to breathe let alone shower. But for me, showering makes me feel like a new person, it makes me feel productive throughout the day, it makes me feel refreshed.

-I find products that I love, and that make me feel beautiful. Finding beauty products that you love putting on, and that are made of quality ingredients can be the key to feeling confident in your own skin, and when you feel confident there is nothing you cannot do. What’s my product right now? Pamela Metamorphosis, I recently talked about them in my Small Shop Saturday series so you can read more about how much I love their products. I feel confident putting on their products every morning, because I know I’m taking steps towards my best skin and being the most confident me I can be.

-I find time to do what I love, I find time for yoga. There are so many days when I could be in my house all day working and still not get everything done. But when Lilly is at school I make a point to go to yoga. When I’m on my mat, no matter how busy I may be, I feel completely capable of accomplishing anything. I clear my head, and I feel like I can see things more clearly. Not to mention, taking care of my body. Your body does some amazing things for you, why not give it a little love and do something good for it too?

-After Lilly goes to bed, I sit. Gasp, I know! It’s shocking that I’m not cleaning, or doing laundry, or working. But I’m a firm believer in the fact that we deserve down time too, we deserve to sit and relax, and the laundry can wait. This is also my time to be with my husband and not be interrupted by toddler tornado. Are we doing anything special? No. But we watch our shows and we are together and that time to decompress does more than we realize.

They may not be the most revolutionary things, they aren’t new or exciting, and they aren’t complicated. But for me they are the difference between being the mom who just gets by, or being the mom who does it all. When I feel good, confident, and content there is nothing I can’t do, and anything that the day brings me I can handle. I enjoy my life more, I notice the little things and I don’t feel as frantic as I do when I don’t take care of myself. I make things happen, so why don’t I deserve to take as good-a-care of myself as I do everyone and everything else?

Try finding the balance that works for you and make a commitment to stick with it for a day, a week, forever… see what happens!