The Busy Season Of Life - How I Slow It Down

This season of life is busy… so busy that I cannot honestly tell you where the last year has gone.The fact that the holidays are fast approaching and that we will be ringing in 2019 kinda (super) blows my mind. Its funny how life can become so chaotic that your days melt into weeks, which turn into months, which turn into years that all blend together and slowly disappear. Leaving you wondering what have I been doing? How has time gone so fast? And in my case, wondering have I done “enough” for my family? Have we created memories? Have we slowed down to remember the moments in between? All of these are thoughts that go through my mind but did you notice one missing from that line up? Go read it again and see if you can spot it, I’ll wait…

Did I take care of myself?

Ding ding! The thought that no mother has time to think about, but always should. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we don’t take care of ourselves how on earth are we expected to take care of everyone else? Run businesses? Raise tiny humans? Work on our marriages/relationships? The answer? We can’t. Before there was anyone else demanding time, energy, and love from us it was just you. Just you, just wonderful perfect you who deserves some time and energy devoted to yourself.

I’ve found myself losing my patience, feeling more exhausted, and a whole lot less like myself during this busy season. All of which leads me to feeling worn out, spread thin, and somewhat empty. I love, absolutely love, my family and my life but I’m only human and I can only do so much before I start to feel like I belong to everyone else before I belong to myself. In light of having realized this and in the deepest desire of not wanting to be this way I’ve decided that dedicating some more time for me is beyond okay. It’s not only needed but it is necessary. I can also guarantee that I’m not the only mother out there who is feeling this way and I think it’s time we all acknowledged it and made at least a small effort to change it. But how? How do we pause our lives and dedicate time to us? It may seem impossible but it’s not. I promise and I’m here to tell you how to do it.

Make the time.

The laundry can wait, the dishes can wait, nap time is your best friend, and all you need is an hour a few times a week to dedicate to yourself. Here are some ideas if you’re at a loss for what to do.

-Spend nap time reading a book

-Take an hour to lay on the couch and watch a trashy TV show

-Make yourself a bubble bath (and pour a glass of wine)

-Do some yoga

-Take a walk and get some fresh air

-Light a candle in your favorite scent

-Paint your nails

-Go shopping for you and only you

-Get into bed early with some tea and a magazine/book

-Take a nap when the little one naps

-Get your hair done

-Get a coffee and walk through your favorite store

I could go on and on with ideas, but you’d lose interest and stop reading. Lately only a few of these are in my lineup due to my current state (ya know the pregnancy thing) but I cannot tell you how much I LOVE lighting a candle, making a nice bubble bath, and soaking my tired achy body for an hour. I have been a long-standing fan of Chesapeake Bay Candles and there is no exception to this now. My new favorite scent to go along with my bath is the Serenity + Calm (Lavender Thyme) scent. I also have this scent in the Oil Diffuser sitting in my living room, not to mention a cabinet full of their other scents to fit all my needs.

This candle can be purchased  here

This candle can be purchased here

The entire Mind Body collection can be purchased  here

The entire Mind Body collection can be purchased here

Since I’ve found this brand of candles I am now a constant candle lighter. I used to hate that you could smell a candle for a bit and then the fragrance would die, but Chesapeake Bay Candles have a scent that lasts for hours, and they’re made from soy wax and essential oils so I don’t feel like I’m burning chemicals into my home. Not to mention they’ve released oil diffusers this fall!

My next favorite activity for some me time, which I forgot how much I love, is sitting and reading a book. Nicholas Sparks just came out with a new one and I picked it up on a whim at Target and haven’t been able to put it down. During nap time the other day I sat and read and felt so relaxed afterwards that it was amazingly refreshing.

Walking. Walking is the best medicine for me and honestly for Lil too. Without fail if we are in bad moods, or feeling lethargic, or just a little stir crazy we throw on a jacket, shoes and get outside to enjoy the gorgeous fall days that are waiting for us. Fresh air is the cure for anything, but especially for clearing your head and feeling like a new person. It helps when you have a view like this too.


By far though I am great at sitting down on the couch, turning on a movie and putting my feet up. I may have moments of guilt, but in my new found resolve to take care of me I’m doing my absolute best to embrace these quiet moments and take care of myself. It can be so much easier said than done, and I understand that all too well. But again I cannot stress enough how important it is to take time for your health and well-being. So tell me, what’s your favorite way to take care of yourself?

This post was sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candles