Talking 'Bout The Hustle

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Let’s talk about the Mom Hustle, we all know it. We do it every day. We get up and our job starts immediately… that is if you’re like me and unable to set an alarm to wake up before baby. We get up, we get kiddos fed, dressed, drink our coffee, feed ourselves (if we remember), get ourselves dressed, and start in on our days. If you’re a SAHM your day probably consists of never-ending laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor, feeding kiddos, changing diapers…. and the list goes on. If you’re a working mom, you get kiddos to where they need to go, you get yourself to work and then spend 8 hours in your office working, going to meetings, getting on phone calls, then you get your little ones, get home, get them fed, get them to bed, eat your dinner, maybe clean the house and off to bed you go. No matter what, we all know what the hustle is. It’s a lot.

Until recently though, I didn’t fully appreciate the hustle. I didn’t appreciate how much I, as one person, could do. Let me tell you what I mean. I have been at SAHM (as you know) for a while now, and we’ve definitely gotten into a groove. We do naps, we do activities, have play dates, you name it. We’ve gotten comfortable with our new normal, which worked for us for a long time. But now things are starting to change for me. I’m diving into some dreams I’ve had and working on making them come true. First I started doing photography, I’ve done about 10 sessions now and I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get into it. I try to schedule the sessions while Lil is at her school, so MWF but most of the time they have to be scheduled around people's work schedule. Which leaves us often with me leaving as my husband gets home, or me leaving for a few hours every weekend. Which is very different from our old norm.

Along with the photography, we’re also getting the ball rolling on my ultimate dream. If you’ve been following along with me for any sort of time now, you probably can guess what this is. Flowers! My dream is to own a flower shop. A place brimming with buckets of flowers, wood floors, white walls and old windows. Rustic tables with fun gifts and ornate cards. A place where people can come in and pick and choose individual stems of flowers and create their own arrangements, or grab a premade one to take to a party. That is what I want, but no that’s not where I’m starting. I’m starting instead with a business where I’ll make pre-made arrangements that I take to local stores and that are sold there, I’ll also have a website (coming soon) where people can order what they need and I’ll deliver it. This allows me to be a bit more flexible with my time, have Lil there with me when needed, and also saves me money on a store front while I’m building up the business, so that one day I can get my storefront.

So while I’m not a full blown #hustler yet, I’m on my way and am only now understanding the work, fun, excitement, and energy it takes to juggle it all. To be a mom, a boss, a wife, a friend, a daughter. It takes a lot, it takes determination and it takes a lot of help and support from your friends and family. So here I go, off into my journey of running two businesses and being a mom, wife, and everything else… when I write it out like that I wonder if I’m insane or not. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog, but if I seem a little sporadic you will all know why.

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