The Season Of Giving

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Tis that time of year, where we start to gather with family and friends around tables of delicious food, decorations, and warm fires! Where we give thanks for the things we have and the love we share with the people in our lives. We’re encouraged to spread joy, and share in the holiday season with others. These days are filled with joy and wonder; between the parties, and the beautifully decorated trees. It’s truly a magical time of year, but not everyone is as lucky as the rest.

In Denver there are over 5,000 chronically homeless. 5,000 people without food or shelter in these bitterly cold winter months. It can be hard to grasp that such a situation exists when people like myself, and maybe you, are home, scrolling on our phones reading blog posts and looking at the latest pictures on Instagram. It can be hard to appreciate what would bring a person to be in such a situation, and we will never know all their stories, all their trials, or the paths that they have walked. I can’t give them all a home, I can’t cloth them all, but something I can do is help feed them. It is the simplest of things, that can mean the world to someone less fortunate.

That is why I teamed up with Denver Toyota Dealer’s Association and The Denver Rescue Mission to bring food to those most in need. The Denver Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that has been meeting the needs of those less fortunate since 1892. Through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, permanent housing assistance, and community outreach they are changing lives in Denver.

An act as simple as going to the grocery store and purchasing non-perishable goods will bring food to over 6,200 people in Denver this holiday season. When contacted by Toyota for this partnership I jumped at the opportunity, and I immediately got my family onboard. Toyota sent us a 2017 Prius to use for acquiring food and delivering it to Denver Rescue Mission.

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It was my first time in a hybrid and it was really fantastic, we may have used a quarter tank of gas all week and the Prius has all kinds of neat features I’ve never experienced. I was pleasantly surprised that Lilly and her car seat fit very well in the back and my husband, who is 6’3”, couldn’t get over how roomy the car is. Together we got in the Prius and went to our local Safeway store, Lilly helped me pick out canned and boxed goods, and we all loaded our bags into the trunk, happy we were doing something to help this season.

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After purchasing the non-perishable foods I drove to The Denver Rescue Mission on a chilly Thursday morning to join Toyota for the Season Of Giving Campaign. Together with Toyota and a few other bloggers 10,000+ pounds of food was donated. This amounts to 100,000 meals for families here in Colorado.

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This holiday season I encourage you to do what you can for your community when we have the ability to help others, we should always be looking for ways to contribute. Joining The Denver Rescue Mission and Toyota for this campaign was truly humbling, and eye opening. Seeing that amount of food, and to see a facility like The Denver Rescue Mission was an indescribable feeling.

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If you live in the Denver area you can donate to The Denver Rescue Mission by clicking here

If you’re not in the Denver area, google local non-profits helping the homeless or others in need. Whether it’s a gift of money or your time, it does more than you think! That hour, or the $5, or the coat you donate could make all the difference to someone. And what are the holidays for if not being kind, doing more, and spreading joy?


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