Adventures Through The Lens

Hi all! How was your weekend? Ours was perfect! Saturday was busy and Sunday was lazy... those are the perfect weekends in my mind. Something fun and exciting then a day to relax and be together. Since I usually give you lengthy, wordy posts, I thought I’d share my weekend through pictures today instead.


Saturday we had our housewarming party and as promised on Friday Favorites I’m sharing it with you! Since our tribe has quite a few new babies in it we decided that brunch would be a better idea than dinner, what with feedings and early bedtimes. We wanted people to be able to enjoy it and leisurely eat and chat. We had a ton of food, mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, OJ and coffee. It snowed the day before and the morning of so we didn’t get to utilize our new patio furniture but we all got cozy in the family room and kitchen.


I somehow didn’t get a photo of what Lil wore… epic mom fail. Especially considering how many photos I take of her every day. But here are some PJ pictures from Sunday morning...

Sunday we were completely lazy, but still managed to make something pretty exciting happen! We went to Costco and left with a Roomba! I couldn’t be more excited. He is already docked and charging. Is it bad that I want my floors to get nice and dirty just so I can see how well he works? Oh and I’ve affectionately named him Jarvis.

I also had a pretty awesome mail session this weekend! I got my teething necklace from Little Sunshine Boutique (review coming soon) and new headbands for Lil from Little Highbury