Once upon a time I was that annoying girl on Facebook, that one that told you every random thought or emotion that popped into her head. I updated status to say “is worried” or ‘“is excited”.. cool story Annie. Then add in Twitter… a social media outlet I just haven’t fully grasped. I’ve never understood it... at all. I now have one for my blog and, sorry people, it is a hot mess of a feed because I just do not know what I’m supposed to put on there. I just downright forget about it. “Oh shit I haven’t been on Twitter in weeks!”

Why I Suck At Twitter

  • Hashtag #amidoingthisright? What are they for? Who invented them? Why do we use them? Certain ones bring more followers!?…. #ijustdontgetit

  • I’m really not THAT interesting! Yay for laundry and poopy diapers! Not to mention my thoughts on any given day are relatively the same “I need this from the grocery store”... #CoolStoryBro (did I do it right?)

  • It limits the number of characters?! Well there goes my...

  • No one talks to anyone else on Twitter… I crave the comments and the likes and the shares (yes I’m admitting that). Getting a star and a retweet just isn’t the same. Please like, heart of pin this post if you agree...

  • Twitter feeds are just so uninteresting… I want to see pretty pictures!

  • Have I mentioned that I just don’t do status updates… like not even on Facebook! “Feeling repetitive with Simply Annie”



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