A Valentine's Day Home Tour

It’s officially the month of LOVE! And what a year to concentrate on that. It is so important to spread love, not hate, and to be kind to one another. Lets all try and remember that, okay? Anyways… I digress.

Every single year I decorate for Valentine's day. I know some people think that is silly and I know it’s uncommon, but I am one for traditions and I especially love trying to make little moments, or days, memorable for Lilly. As I’ve mentioned before, Valentine's Day in our household is special, you can read all about it here. I absolutely love this holiday, the flowers, the chocolates, the cards… I eat it all up every year. Since I’m so in-love with the holiday I wanted to share a bit of my home with you and spread some Valentine’s day cheer. Since that is what this post is about I will now get to the pictures.

And yes, my post really is all about pictures today. Happy-almost-valentine's-day!

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