Valentine's Day Teacher Gift Bags And Homemade Valentine's

Happy Friday! It is the last Friday before Valentine’s day and as promised I’m here with one more Valentine’s day DIY post!

As some of you might know, a few days a week my sweet girl goes to daycare/school so that I can work on the blog, photography, and flower business etc. She has two teachers that we absolutely love and adore, they take amazing care of Lilly and I know that I can trust them completely. When Lilly is going to school for the day I’ll say do you want to go see Ms. Keri and Ms. Julie and she runs her little self to the door to get in the car and go. She loves going, all because of her teachers. These two women care for my little girl as if she were their own and I always try to go out of my way to do little things to say thank you, and show them they’re appreciated. So for Valentine’s day I thought it would be fun to make a little goody bag for them, full of sweet treats, goodies, and a homemade Valentine. Target dollar spot was where it all started, I found a two pack of the most adorable little bags that were the perfect size for this adventure.

First I made the Valentine’s. I went to Michaels and got 4 sheets of their scrap book paper: 1 plain white, 1 an opaque white, 1 glittery gold, and 1 glittery pink. That’s all I had to buy, my goal was to keep these simple and personal. With the plain white paper I cut out heart shapes and let Lilly do some finger painting with red paint. With the glittery gold and pink paper I cut out rounded edge rectangles to act as the base of the card and to layer with, the opaque white paper acted as the message area, since writing on glitter didn’t really work. I designed each card differently, using a bit of glue to attach the pieces and little heart cut outs to add a little fun.



Next I put together the treat bags for her teachers. To fill them I decided to do non chocolate based treats and my friend Keala from Recipe For A Sweet Life always makes the sweetest treats and this year she made Strawberry Valentine’s Day Popcorn which I had to add. How delicious does that look? (I am so NOT a food photographer so Keala was sweet enough to send me these.)


I picked up some cute Valentine’s treat bags at the local grocery store to put the popcorn in, as well as some talking hearts and cute sprinkles for the popcorn.


Once I’d made the popcorn I put it into the bags and put those in the other little bags, threw in some candy, a EOS pink lip balm and her Valentines and boom, a cute (very pink) Valentine Treat bag for your favorite teacher!

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