Our Weekend Pumpkin Patch Recap

Oh Monday, how much I love you… *insert eye roll emoji*. Anywho, I thought today I would share our weekend adventures with you! I haven’t done this in a while, or maybe ever, so why not start now! Most weekends aren’t as fun as this one was… maybe that’s why I don’t share them... But we had a fabulous family and friend weekend that started off with a Friday well spent. I dropped Lil off at daycare, walked the dogs, went to a yoga sculpt class (one with weights) and it about killed me, then I got almost all of my photo editing done, as well as some blog posts written and lined up. This was then followed by a trip to Target, picking up baby girl, home for some playing, dinner time for Lil, then bath and bed. Followed by me making steaks and cheesy potatoes, a glass of wine and relaxation with my love. See, not a bad way to start the weekend!

Saturday was a lazy morning, we drank coffee in bed, played with Lil, walked the dogs, and leisurely got dressed. We then headed to one of our best friends houses for a “Chalktober Party” which was pretty much us all chit chatting, kids playing in the yard, and an attempt at chalk on the sidewalk. There was spiked apple cider, wonderful people, and a gorgeous day. So it was pretty much perfect. I also tried my first ever macaroon and it was delightful! Simultaneously I took no picture at this except for the fe below. After we got home and got Lil to bed, we watched some TV and ate Indian food that was way too spicy to be allowed!


Sunday was pumpkin patch day! I had been so excited for this that I could hardly wait to get there. We went to the Botanic Gardens where they have a big event one weekend a year, and I am so glad we decided to go! There was pumpkin picking in a 10 acre pumpkin patch, corn mazes, live music, craft booths, an antique tractor exhibit, food trucks, beer and wine, and so much more! We picked out pumpkins with our friends and roamed around. Then went to brunch with half of our group and continued the party with watching the Broncos game… whomp whomp. We’re apparently not used to losing and desperately need our new QB back!

We then spent some time playing and lounging, followed by dinner, more playing before bath, and the Presidential debate, which lets say, is interesting… did I mention I wrote a letter to one of our candidates? Yeah, you can find it here. I’d love if you took a peek and let me know what you think!


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! And that you have an even better week this week!


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