A Week In My Life

I’ve decided to forgo Friday Favorites this week to do something a little different. I know that “A Day In The Life” blog posts are pretty popular so I thought I’d give it a try. But when it comes down to it, my individual days are really unexciting and who really wants to read that. On any given day I set a list of things I need to do or would like to do. But often times they never happen. I don’t have the busy life of shuffling kids to school, soccer practice and play dates. I still revolve around naps and bottle feedings, with the occasional play date thrown in there. In all reality a day that we get out of the house is rare. I’m really that lazy. So instead of one day, you’re getting my whole week in review. A whole week, just so you can watch the epic laziness and unorganized chaos ensue.

Ready to see how little I get done?

Ok... go!



6 a.m. wake up. Laundry (lots and lots of it). Meal planning for the weeks dinners. Gym then grocery shopping. Car wash on the way home. Blogging/napping/playing time. Make dinner.


6 a.m alarm went off, I laid in bed till 6:20. 6:40 broke coffee mug and spilled coffee all over the floor while carrying Lil downstairs. 7:30 play time/book time with Lilly. 8:30 picked out meals for the week. 9:00 a.m. Lilly goes down for her morning nap, I folded one load of laundry and put it on the bed (to be put away another time), made a grocery list, got lost in the blog world (meaning I sat on my computer and can’t tell you I did). 11:00 leave for grocery store and gym. 2:00 got home and made a super late lunch for myself. Lilly took her afternoon nap then I put groceries away, realized I forgot to write down three of the recipes for dinners this week… sweet. Did nothing until dinner time. Overall it was a semi productive day!



6 a.m wakeup. Finish laundry (from my failure Monday). Yoga class. Fitness planning with a friend. Car wash (I was supposed to do Monday). Make dinner.


Lil woke up at 5:40 and I rode the struggle bus until 8:15 when she went down for morning nap. 10:00 and I did nothing to that point, but I showered! 11:40-2:30 yoga class, then Sprouts (for the things I forgot on Monday) and Target. 2:45 nap and I unload groceries. Folded one load of laundry to add to the put away pile. 3:00-10:00 I did absolutely nothing… but I made dinner! Overall… meh



Legitimately going to put away the laundry from Monday! Clean the house. Blog work. Clean window frames to be painted.


6 a.m. wakeup. Finally get out of bed at 7:30. 11:13 and all I had done was watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and take a shower… oh and put the sheets in the wash. 12 and I still hadn’t done anything. By 12:30 I cleaned the kitchen! Whoop! More of nothing… 5:00 and my nephews came for a sleepover so pretty much game over... yeah wicked uneventful.



6 a.m. wake up, finish putting laundry away… host my nephews.

(Notice how the goals are getting smaller and smaller?)


5:45 wake up. 8:30 and I made breakfast for the twins and put out some donations to be picked up. 9:00 I put the sheets back in the wash (Lilly projectile vomited on them at 6:30 a.m.) 12:00 yoga class. 3:00 onward I did nothing except make the bed again at 4:30. Then it started snowing... again... donezo!


Let’s go ahead and say that today is going to be a wash too! I didn’t even pretend to set goals! But I finally got my car washed!

This is how my weeks usually go, I have one good productive day and I feel great at the end of it. Then for one reason or another it all goes to crap from there. Notice all the things I said I was going to do and didn’t? Car wash, cleaning the house, prepping windows to paint… I could blame it on the baby or any number of other things, but in reality I get lazy. I get lost on Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin… you name it. Then before I know it naptime is over and my time to be super productive is gone.

Writing it all down put it into harsh perspective though and really got me wondering how much time I’m wasting and what I REALLY am doing during all those gaps in time! Here’s hoping next week will be better...


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