Welcoming Baby Home With Dogs

Do you have dogs at home? Are you expecting a baby? Are you a bit worried about bringing home this tiny new bundle while still making your first fur-babies still feel loved and comfortable? Yeah, I totally understand because I was there with Lil when she came home. I’d had Igloo and Winter (who you can read more about here) for 10+ years and they were and still are my first babies. The thought of bringing home a new baby to totally disrupt the flow of normalcy for them was a bit daunting. You hear horror stories of dogs not adjusting well, despite having been completely kind and passive in the past. Although my dogs are two of the sweetest you could meet, and love kids, I of course worried that maybe they wouldn’t react well to one coming into their home. What if they don’t like her, what if they don’t adjust well, what if…?

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These were all questions that ran through my head. Now as we await baby number two, although I’m not quite as worried seeing as they’ve survived what is the Lilly-tornado, I am still wanting this to be a smooth adjustment for them, because inevitably this will mean a little less attention for them, and more for another baby. So as I reminisce about how we did it so well the first time around I thought I’d share with you all some tips for making life a bit easier on your dogs when new baby arrives.

  1. Don’t forget them. I know this sounds silly, but when a baby comes home the focus shifts to them. This tiny new bundle who needs constant love and attention can easily take away attention from the other loves in your life:our dogs. To me this is the most important thing, because your dogs need to feel loved and a part of the family as well. If they don’t, they run the risk of feeling rejected and resentful. Which can lead to them acting out, and let's face it, that’s not something you want while trying to juggle a new baby! So make sure you’re still loving on your dogs, make sure you’re still walking them, paying attention to them, caring for them.

  2. Let them be a part of it. Some people may disagree with me on this, but it was important to me to let our dogs get to know Lilly, to not be pushed out of the room when she was there. When we first brought Lilly home they were incredibly curious about her and under a watchful eye we let them meet her, and sniff her. From that moment on they didn’t leave her side, and they have been great with her ever since.

  3. Reward good behavior. Dogs don’t change just because a new baby arrives. They still need to be trained and to learn the new rules. So reward good behavior, this is where treats come in handy. We love using our Wellness Core 100% freeze dried treats.

  4. Keep up with your routine, we feed our fur babes twice a day morning and night and there’s no way we’re changing that. Meal time is the highlight of Igloos day and I’ll be darned if I take that away from him. It could possibly be because he is in love with his dog food, Wellness Core for the win! #NoMoreBoringBowls

  5. Have patience. We failed especially at this one, and I still regret it to this day. We found ourselves getting less patient with our dogs, who are naturally rambunctious and “talkative”. We found ourselves snapping at them when and if they barked or got in our way, getting annoyed by them at things that were completely normal before, and we overall changed our mindset towards them. Which is completely unfair towards them because for years prior they were the exact same and we never acted that way with them.

As we wait to welcome baby two we plan to do all of the above, but especially we plan to stay patient with them and not forget that they’re a part of our family as well. Fur, barks, and all.

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