Weekends and White Elephants

Happy Monday everyone! Is everyone excited for Christmas? Seems like it came out of nowhere this year! We had a nice weekend, cold but nice! On Saturday a polar vortex hit us and we were bombarded with snow and single digit temperatures, brrrr! We also had our annual White Elephant party the same day. We do it every year with our tribe and it is always so much fun. Lots of laughs, friends, food, and good memories. Sunday I had a photo shoot then we spent the day making grocery lists, week lists, doing laundry, going to the grocery store, and trying to prepare for what I am sure will be a relatively busy week… what with Christmas being this weekend! I swear I feel like I have a million things going on, but I’m probably just overthinking all of it.


For our White Elephant party we kept it pretty simple this year, we had it at 3 so that all nap times could be accommodated, so we just had some finger foods for people to snack on and cocktails! What kind of holiday party would it be without cocktails?! I made a Cranberry Moscow Mules which turned out deliciously, and a Cranberry Cinnamon Whiskey Sour… that one wasn’t as much of a hit but still turned out really well! We got a fruit and cheese platter, and cupcakes from Sprouts. I went to the Target dollar section and got some cute wooden snowflakes to sprinkle on the table and some little trees to top the cupcakes. I got my flowers at sprouts and arranged them, I of course had to have lots of pine branches. We had some food, drank, talked, and laughed at all the outrageous gifts which included a blow up doll, a bidet, and edible body paint!


Now to start the week before Christmas, I’ll be busy baking cookies, editing photos, planning menus, and finishing the last of the wrapping! Happy Monday everyone!