Friday Favorites Words of The Week

I think there was something in the water this week for all my blogging friends. Everyone had the writing juices flowing, with amazing posts just eeping from their fingertips. So for Friday Favorites I thought I’d share with you (some of) my favorite posts of the week. I laughed, I cried, I nodded along and I rejoiced in the words they were all sharing. These women are all so spectacular and I’m proud to call them part of my tribe!



Relentlessly Real from Suzanne at My Kind Of Sweet - She had me from Hello


Since I launched this blog in May of last year, I’ve gotten emails from other mamas praising me for “doing it all.” Some even say they are inspired by me, and hope they can someday have their shit together, too. I always try humbly to take the compliment, while promising that, although it can sometimes appear that way,I don’t have my shit together.”


Oh Perfect Mother Where Art Thou on Abbie’s blog Grumbling Grace, written by Melanie


You are not perfect and I am not perfect, because perfect just doesn’t exist.  


You keep being you.  I’ll keep being me.    


Together we will be perfectly imperfect REAL moms.”


The Moment I Finally Became Momma Bear from Jessica at Little Bits of Joy


I was ashamed to admit how I was feeling to anyone, I thought for sure I would be judged for not being the baby-obsessed Momma Bear society expects all women who have children to be.”



Just Say Yes - How To Completely Change Your Life with Just One Word from Chrystie at Living For Naptime


Now, I want you to  think back to all the times you’ve doubted yourself. All the times you’ve talked yourself out of going for your dreams, or going to a networking event or allowing yourself to be in a vulnerable situation. What would’ve come out of those events had you stepped outside your comfort zone? You’ll never know. They are missed opportunities.”


Because it Really Does Take a Village from Marielle at The Resplendent

Those tiny acts made all the difference. My friend turned what could have been a moment of defeat into a moment of victory. I couldn’t have done it without her”