Buzz B Nail File - Friday Favorite

Wanna know the one baby item I simply cannot live without? It is my one must have FAVORITE item when it comes to baby. I use it multiple times a week and if I don’t know exactly where it is in my house I have a mild panic attack… it’s the Zoli Buzz B nail file! I was given one at my baby shower and will admit that I had no clue what it was so I didn’t take a second glance at it at first. That is up until Lilly was about a month old and started scratching her face. Now when this happened and I saw tiny bits of blood I FREAKED OUT, like yelled for my husband and cried a little (drama queen I know). I promptly went to get her little nail trimmers and then had another panic attack because how on earth am I supposed to trim these nails? Not only are they a weird soft consistency that no one really warns you about, but they are on wiggly tiny curled up fingers that baby won’t extend! No... trimming is not a good idea… now what?


Wait, didn’t I get a snazzy nail file from my sister-in-law for the shower? I went and grabbed that sucker, popped on the right file stage and turned it on. It was a little daunting using it for the first time, not because of the product but just because I was a new, nervous mom with no clue what I was doing. But I was so overjoyed when the battery powered file didn’t bother baby and actually worked wonders! It was so quick and so easy to use that I now get a little excited to trim her nails… until the actual task is upon me and wicked hard...

I usually have to wrangle it out of her little hands

I usually have to wrangle it out of her little hands

Now Zoli has 4 different “levels” of file which have a different color to distinguish them. Stage one: 0-3 months, stage two: 3-6 months, stage three: 6-12 months, stage four: 12 months plus. Each file lasts me for a while (depending on the state of her nail growth) but I need a couple extra disks of the different stages and those are easily purchased on Amazon for a reasonable price. Each pack has three disk and cost about $8.00. I find that each disk lasts me for a two-three weeks or so depending on how fast her nails are growing.

I’m trimming Lil’s nails what feels like daily and having the ability to give them a quick file after the clipping saves me so much time and hassle! The disks pop on and off really easily and it comes with a case to keep the file and your extra stages in. It’s small and lightweight and safe for baby to play with to distract them from the clipping! See... multiple uses. I will now give this at any baby shower I’m invited to, that’s how much I love the Buzz B nail file. If you don’t have one I highly recommend you get one!